The 7th Annual Boulder Marathon, Half Marathon & 5 mile takes place
at the City of Boulder Reservoir on Sunday, October 5th, 2014. The beautiful Boulder backroads race course is the ideal route and running surface for any runner or walker!


1. Best Race Route Around
All race courses travel north from the Boulder Reservoir and out onto the backroads route. As you run along, you'll be amazed by the beauty of the farmlands just to the north of Boulder, and the view of the peaks just to the west is simply outstanding. If you've never participated in our race, it's essentially the opposite of a 'big city' marathon. No major crowds, plenty of clean air, and a more forgiving surface to run on. And, for the first time, all of the race courses will finish by running around the east edge of the Boulder Reservoir. This will allow runners to view the beautiful rocky mountains as they look over the reservoir toward the west.

2. Great Post Race Food

Regardless if you're the first or the last runner, we have plenty of great food for all race participants. We have a selection from many Colorado based food companies, and you'll definitely not go home hungry!

3. Great Race Course Support
We have an ample amount of aid stations - and toilets at each one. We serve water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, gels and fruit at all aid stations. We also feature medical support along the entire race route.

4. Great Race Sponsors
Each year we put together a group of companies that support the event and are committed to its success. Look for more new sponsors to be announced between now and race day!

5. Runners From Across Colorado and Around the Country
At each event, we cater to runners from all parts of Colorado, and from many other states as well. 


6. Zero Waste Event  
Did you know that the Boulder Marathon and the Boulder Spring Half have over a 95% diversion rate for our race generated trash, recycling and compost? Translation: 95% of our post event items are either recycled or composted.
Also, according to our partner Eco-Cycle, that's about as high a diversion rate you can get with a race like this. This is definitely something we're proud of, and we encourage other events to initiate a waste diversion program as well. We'll continue to make recycling and composting a priority for our events in the future.

7. Beautiful & Locally Made Race Awards
We put a lot off effort into providing race awards that our runners are proud to receive. All awards are made locally, and we give race awards to the first three places in each division.

8. USA Track & Field Colorado Championship Event
The Boulder Half Marathon, held on October 5th, will once again be the 2014 USATF/Colorado State Championship event. We'll definitely continue to support competitive running on a statewide and elite level, and we're proud to have given out more than $30,000 in cash prizes to elite Colorado athletes over the last 5 years - more than any other Colorado race organization.

9. Fantastic Volunteers & Race Marshals
Each of our events has the support and cooperation of literally hundreds of volunteers and race marshals. These people are the backbone of the event, and all runners and walkers are well taken care of while running along the race route. Many thanks to those of you who have volunteered in the past, and we look forward to your involvement in 2014!

10. Support of Many Boulder and State of Colorado Agencies
We're immensely indebted to all of the folks who come out on a Sunday to help us operate the race. From the Boulder Reservoir staff, Boulder Police and Sheriff's Office to the Colorado State Patrol, our event security is in good hands. Many thanks to all of the City of Boulder and Boulder County employees who help ensure the success and safety of the event.

Boulder Marathon®